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PODCAST: Trish Featured on Talking New York Real Estate with Vince Rocco

Trish Martin was a guest on the Dec 14, 2022 Episode of Talking New York Real Estate with Vince Rocco. The episode was titled Empowerment Coaching for the Real Estate Professional and Agent Tools. Read the episode synopsis below and listen to the episode with the embedded player.

“We need to learn how to make the switch to a growth mindset. We have all heard of it, aiming to help us increase our resilience, ability to surmount challenges, or thrive through adversity.

Also, Buying an apartment in a New York City can involve baring your financial soul. Or as I say, undressing in front of the board.  BoardPackager is an online app that streamlines the board package submission process and saves hours in each of our work day.”

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Trish has a keen ability to identify an individual's strengths and understand how they can best leverage them. She is a consummate listener and has a knack for cutting straight to the heart of any situation. I owe a great deal of my professional success to her sage counsel over the past 8 years.