These are testimonials from professionals helped by Trish’s coaching over the last two decades.

“Trish is an exceptional coach!! She really listened and was patient in guiding me to the root. She also helped me discover more  about myself and devise a tangible plan of action moving forward. I would sincerely recommend Trish because I felt so empowered by her guidance.” — HC
“When our firm was absorbed by a competitor, your guidance and steady approach to coaching was the catalyst I needed to achieve the success I desired.  Thank you.” — ME
“In a word, Trish Martin is Amazing! Her thoughtful, experienced, and caring approach was critical for me to take massive action for my goals. I always appreciate a meeting with Trish and can’t wait to book her again.” — B, San Diego, US Naval Officer

“When I met Trish, it was at a time in my professional career where despite having the tools I needed to be successful I did not believe in my ability to find success.  She saw this immediately and then helped me to recognize it in myself.  Her advice continues to help me grow and excel.” — FL

“Trish has a keen ability to identify an individual’s strengths and understand how they can best leverage them.  She is a consummate listener and has a knack for cutting straight to the heart of any situation.  I owe a great deal of my professional success to her sage counsel over the past 8 years.” — MP
“Thank you for your sage guidance as my world unraveled and I could not see the forest for the trees. Through our sessions I discovered my inner strength and was able to successfully move through that phase to where I am today. You asked me to dig deep, to be thoughtful, to appreciate and believe in myself. As you said in our last session, it was always there. I just needed to unpack it.” — CM
“Our team was struggling to bring our many talents together and move forward as one synchronized unit.  Your patience, insight and provocative questions help us all get there without any of us feeling that we had surrendered our individuality to the cause.  Thank you.” — WM
“Trish helped me step away, mentally, from the day-to-day drudgery my life had become.  By stepping away I was able to move forward with renewed passion and realize my vision for the life I have always longed to live.” — LS
“You are one of the amazing women at the helm of my career. Thank you for all of your understanding, support, lessons and guidance.” And now – here I am. I have arrived!” — BG.
“When I was experiencing great self doubt and couldn’t see the clear way, you were there to encourage, motivate and guide.  Thank you for all of your support.” — IK
“I always thought coaching was for those in the prime of their professional career.  I am in the later years of my life – retired and wondering what is next – I took a chance and inquired about The Transformational Woman coaching sessions.  I am so glad I did! I have reinvented myself, again, and am filled with excitement about my new journey.  Thank you for recognizing that those of us in our later years are also seeking fuller lives and continued growth.” — BF

“For over a quarter century Trish has been my colleague, my friend and then my coach.  Whatever the situation her guidance, questions and encouragement have been so meaningful because I know she listens and really hears me.” — JC

The strongest principle of growth lies in the human choice
– George Eliot
Trish Martin

Your Success On Your Terms

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