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An Unusual Finding Pertaining to Successful People

Success can be and is achieved by many people in any number of ways.  Grit and determination.  Vision.  Drive.  Focus…and…ready for this?  A recent study of 125 business leaders and their key to success revealed that they shared one trait in common and it was this: an ongoing quest for increased self-awareness. How we understand ourselves and how we relate to people. Yes…more than increasing their business acumen (and all that comes with doing so) they focused on becoming more self-aware.  I find this to be fascinating and it led me to question why, when most business authors and speakers encourage continued growth on a business and professional level, personal growth is presented an an afterthought.  While so much of our business continues to be handled remotely via Zoom, email, phone and txt, that self-awareness tops the list and has become more meaningful than ever.

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