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Why is Leadership so Important?

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Leadership is such a powerful word and is often tossed around without consideration of the importance of its meaning.  Leadership is defined by an ability to maximize and celebrate the talents and efforts of those around you toward the achievement of individual and team goals.  A strong leader can mean the difference between a great experience and a disappointing one.  Between success and failure.  From a stellar outcome versus a so-so outcome. Leaders are everywhere – from the classroom to the restaurant from your family and friends to your colleagues at the workplace.  And to your relationships with your clients and customers.

When someone decides to work with an industry professional, they expect someone with the expertise required to help them make the best decision and negotiate the best deal.  To lead them with confidence as they wind their way through the first steps of their transaction right through to the closing table.  And this is especially important as we wind our way back to business post-COVID19 and move into the new normal.  We all need reassurance right now and look to our leaders just as your clients and customers look to you for the same.

Keep this in mind from your initial meeting with new clients and customers and those meetings with existing ones.  They are seeking leadership and reassurance.  Your confidence in being able to be the leader they need will go a long way toward having an easier and trusting relationship with them.  A relationship in which they are able to understand and trust your professional guidance as opposed to simply steamrolling over them without giving them consideration. Trust is paramount in any relationship and should be the first pillar established in the relationship.

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