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Are You Engaged and Fully Present or Merely Showing Up?

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Being successful personally and professionally is no easy feat.  It takes hard work, vision, ingenuity, presence of mind and a willingness to be patient.  It isn’t just showing up at the office, landing at your desk and waiting for success to show up or to be gifted to you.  It is getting to your desk and working on your business.  Implementing your vision and following your business plan. It is strategizing the way in which you will engage your clients and widen your sphere of influence.  

If you haven’t yet done so, get cracking more than a year and a half of social distancing and remote working. 

Before you let your inbox pull you into the abyss that incoming email can often become or you go down the rabbit hole of surfing the internet, take time to reconnect to send email messages  to a minimum of 10 people.  Send handwritten notes to 5 people. (When was the last time you received snail mail that wasn’t junk?) Call 5 people simply to say hello and catch up.  Re-engage your connections, remind people you are here, you care, you are a business professional but also a thoughtful and present human being.

Your Success On Your Terms

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Trish has a keen ability to identify an individual's strengths and understand how they can best leverage them. She is a consummate listener and has a knack for cutting straight to the heart of any situation. I owe a great deal of my professional success to her sage counsel over the past 8 years.