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That Voice in Your Head…What’s it Telling You?

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You’ve upped your game when it comes to your skills.  Your knowledge of the market is unmatched.  You take care of your physical self – eating right and being active.  And yet…yet…you seem to not move any closer to your goals, whether personal, spiritual or professional.  Why is that? Who is talking you out of sprinting to the finish line?

Studies show that typically the person talking each of us out of moving toward that finish line is our own inner voice sending the message we to our self, deflating our willingness to take a chance; to be kind; to do the right thing and to dare to fail.  Let’s change that narrative.  Now.

Dare to be present.  Dare to take a risk.  Take the advanced class.  Aim higher.  Put yourself out there and see what happens.  More often than not you’ll find success waiting for you to show up.  And, oftentimes, you will also experience failure.  But failure is an opportunity to learn, to grow ,and to be better prepared you go at it again.  Because you will pick yourself up and go at it again.  Especially if success is your goal.

If we take a moment to reconsider the unsuccessful attempts throughout our professional and personal lives we will find that they enabled us to grow in positive ways.  And more often than not we do not repeat those failures.  More often than not we look back and laugh at those experiences.  I know I do.  Those at which I laugh the hardest are those during which I fell the hardest.  I laugh because I picked myself up, acknowledged the lesson, accepted the growth and followed my pathway.  Uncover the lessons in your failures and get right back out there.

No one ever shows up knowing everything and no one ever wins the day simply by knowing everything.  We win the day through perseverance, guts, shooing away the voice in our head that says “stay inside the lines” and daring to put ourselves out there.  On our own behalf.  On behalf of others.  On behalf of the community in which we live.  Dare to start a new narrative with yourself.  One that is willing to learn from success and unwilling to listen to the voice that says you can’t, shouldn’t or are unable to realize your vision.

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