trish martin - workplace solutions

Put together the pieces of success!

Trish Martin is now offering a series of seminars on workplace solutions addressing individual and corporate strategies. TM’s philosophy is based on integrity, accountability, and achievement, with a focus on identifying individual and common goals. Success is not a transaction-based process. Success is a career-focused, future-building effort. It is a collection of daily achievements that build upon one another.

Start putting together the pieces of your professional puzzle and create the momentum that will unleash and channel success!

seminars for individuals

For individuals, Trish’s seminars cover topics from successful interview skills and landing a job to maximizing your personal effectiveness. You will leave her seminars ready to take the next step toward achieving your goals. Personal and professional success is an achievement not an accident. Now you can learn how to strengthen and develop your business relationships and create new ones through effective personal marketing skills.

seminars for corporations

For the corporate client, Trish Martin’s seminars will infuse managers and teams with new energy and a focus on achievement. How do you keep yourself and those working alongside you motivated to keep their eye on the prize when much of the current economic news is disheartening? Trish’s core message is that success and positive results start with a positive belief in and analysis of the task at hand.